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This Week in IT ep25

Is VMware Doomed After Broadcom's $61B Takeover Bid?

Broadcom announced that it was planning to acquire VMware in...

Jul 1, 2022|Russell Smith

Cloud Computing

What is a Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine (VM) is an emulated or digital version...

Jun 27, 2022|Rabia Noureen

Cloud Computing and Security

Broadcom to Acquire Virtualization Company VMware for $61 Billion

Chipmaker Broadcom has announced that it’s buying VMware in a...

May 27, 2022|Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Lifts Windows 11 Update Block As Oracle Releases VirtualBox Fix

Microsoft has removed an important upgrade block that should finally...

Mar 14, 2022|Rabia Noureen

What is a Virtual Server?

Using virtual machines (VM) and virtual servers is no new...

Dec 29, 2021|Jason Wynn

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